Missing TWD. . .Sadness

I have no water. . .sniffle, sniffle, snort. Living in the country carries so much enjoyment and amusement for me. The well water is crystal clear and so fresh tasting; or it would be if the pump hadn't of gone toes up. So there it is, I have been without water for two days while technicians looks for a pump to replace the broken one. When I lose something like power or water, I realize just how dependant I am on the bare essentials just being there. No thought needed to walk by and flip a light switch or walk into the bathroom to wash my face in the morning and wahlaa. . .I have water at my fingertips. I think between power and water, water is the harder of the two to go without. The romantic side of me loves candles so lighting is not an issue. I believe I have more candles then most candle stores. I guess being an electrician helps in this area because I am always working in new construction ~ by flashlight or natural lighting. Our well is a little deep to just through a bucket in and start hauling my own water so this is becoming a real issue for me.

I feel terrible because I actually started the puff pastry and even steeped the mint leaves in the heavy cream. I just became so frustrated that I gave up. I ended up baking the puff pastry anyways and I have to say that the flavor is phenomenal! No egginess detected what-so-ever. The best I have ever tasted! The bad news? Out of previous frustration, everything I seemed to touch went terribly wrong and this includes baking the puff pastry. Coming out of the oven, the heart shaped pastry was perfect. Two seconds later, it was flat as a pancake. Obviously, I became impatient and took the pastry out of the oven a little to soon. Hubby is now tearing it into pieces and placing the pieces on his ice cream. The effort taken definitely says this is tastey! I am hoping no one gives up on me because I absolutely LOVE TWD and I am still going to bake the dessert this week. I will just be a couple of days late =D.

I also have the pleasure of my new construction site being directly across the street from Pike's Place Market, here in Seattle. I get to go shopping at the market about twice a week, after work. I would go during but the condos have no tinted windows yet and I would still get caught. . .kidding~!


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