Tara Lynn

Today I was enraptured by these pictures from the French Elle of Tara Lynn, a plus-sized model who is kind of awesome: according to Jezebel, she "is 27 and has modeled for two years, earned an M.A. in linguistics, and co-owns a restaurant in Seattle with her boyfriend. She once spent two years in France as an au pair, and speaks the language fluently." Linguistics? Seattle? France? Holy geez. Apart from that, she is also a fantastic model. Behold:

My favorite outfit is the preppy one with the bike. It makes me question why J. Crew doesn't feature bigger girls in their catalogues more often ... or at all, really. And by "bigger," of course, I mean "not very, very thin." Sure, they did the whole "Who's that Girl?" catalogue recently, which was cool, but although I'm sure that all of the women they chose are awesome people, I don't really buy the whole "we handpicked nine women - friends, associates, acquaintances - whose effortless style and creativity regularly give us pause (and a twinge of envy)" - and they just happened to all be model-sized! Nice try, J. Crew, but featuring a woman who is pregnant (but still ostensibly thin) doesn't count as "body diversity."

Now, if J. Crew featured Tara Lynn in a catalogue, among other women of different shapes and sizes, that would be something I could get behind. Unfortunately (for J. Crew) Tara Lynn's a bit out of their league. You know I love you, J. Crew, but you just have to try harder.


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