Meet Miss World 2011 Contestant - Macedonia FYRO - Vesna JAKIMOSKA's Photo & Profile/Biography/Interview

Miss World 2011 - Macedonia FYRO - Vesna JAKIMOSKA


Name : Vesna JAKIMOSKA
Age : 19
Height : 174
Languages : Macedonian, English & Serbian


Vasna studies financial management at University and dreams of becoming a successful business woman in her field. Her hobbies include: reading, playing handball and belly dancing. During the summer Vasna works in a play school. She has a dog called Muffin and enjoys spending time with her parents and two sisters.


Tell us a little something about your Country ?

Struga is a small town in the southwest of Macedonia. It is situated on the coast of Lake Ohrid and the banks of Crn Drim.

Future ambitions ?

To be a successful businesswoman.

Describe yourself

I find myself to be a modest, forever positive and friendly person. I am, above all, honest!

Personal Motto?

Don’t dream your life, live your dream.

Favourite food ?

Traditional Macedonian food, especially ajvar.

Favourite Music / Books ?

My favourite book is ‘A Love Story” by Nicholas Sparks. I enjoy listening to modern music.

Do you have any pets ?

Yes, I have a Pekinese called Muffin.

What is the proudest moment of your life or most memorable day?

My most memorable day was my first day on the faculty of Economy.

Special Talents ?

I can dance and sing.

Any other interesting facts ?

During the summer I worked in a playhouse for children.

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