Meet Miss World 2011 Contestant - New Zealand - Mianette BROEKMAN

Miss World 2011 - New Zealand - Mianette BROEKMAN


Name : Mianette BROEKMAN
Age : 22
Height : 174
Languages : English & Afrikaans


Mianette has a bachelor degree in political studies and hopes to become an international lawyer. Her sporting interests include hockey and sprinting, and she enjoys keeping up to date with political affairs.


Tell us a little something about your Country ?

New Zealand is an amazing country tolerant of other cultures. New Zealand has absolutely breathtaking scenery.

Future ambitions ?

I hope to become an international lawyer and work for the International Criminal Court (ICC) or an organisation against issues surrounding child trafficking.

Describe yourself

I am a kind and passionate person. I am very determined and go for what I want but not to someone else’s detriment. I am friendly and intelligent and I consider myself to be funny.

Personal Motto?

Don’t live in the past, live for the future. Take one day at a time, live everyday as it will be your last.

Favourite food ?

A very difficult question! I love Italian and Mexican food. Nothing beats a grandmother’s roast on a Sunday.

Favourite Music / Books ?

I like a variety of music except heavy metal.

Do you have any pets ?

I have the most beautiful, toy poodle called Mink. She is my pride and absolute joy.

What is the proudest moment of your life or most memorable day?

My most memorable day was arriving in New Zealand at the age of 13, by myself, to live with my dad. It was the end of my old life and the start of my new life in which I have been so blessed.

Special Talents ?

I recently discovered I am not too bad at belly dancing. I’m not bad at teaching my toy poodle to do tricks either.

Any other interesting facts ?

My mother used to compete in beauty pageants in her day and my father was a hockey champion. I am very interested in politics and reading ‘Time’ magazine on a regular basis.

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