Meet Miss World 2011 Contestant - Miss World 2011 - Sweden - Nicoline ARTURSSON's Photo & Profile/Biography/Interview

Miss World 2011 - Sweden - Nicoline ARTURSSON


Name : Nicoline ARTURSSON
Age : 18
Height : 177
Languages : Swedish, English, French & Danish


Nicoline, an economic student, is passionate about gymnastics and charity work. She has been training as a gymnast for the past 8 years at an elite level. Hobbies include: athletics, dance, singing and photography. Nicoline describes herself as a positive girl who loves new experiences and challenges.


Tell us a little something about your Country ?

Halmstad is located on the west coast of southern Sweden. There are beautiful beaches and many golf courses. There are approximately 60,000 people living in Halmstad.

Future ambitions ?

My greatest ambition is to work with charity and I am especially dedicated to children’s needs. I’m a great entrepreneur with high goals.

Describe yourself

I’m a positive girl who loves different experiences and challenges. Good health is very important to me, therefore I train a lot.

Personal Motto?

You will never know until you try.

Favourite food ?

One of my favourite foods is new summer potatoes with fillet of beef, salad and a little flavouring of sauce with crispy vegetables.

Favourite Music / Books ?

My favourite music depends but I like a lot of chill out lounge music, house and a little bit of pop.

Do you have any pets?

I have one cat called Tussie and one little dog called Zara.

What is the proudest moment of your life or most memorable day?

I have several proudest moments but the biggest two of my life were competing in the mini Olympic games in gymnastics and receiving the highest grade in my diploma.

Special Talents ?

I have a good hand with people and I’m a great coach in making other people succeed in what they do. I’m a good spokesperson. I’m outstanding in marketing.

Any other interesting facts ?

I’ve been training gymnastics for 8 years at elite level and also athletics (high jump) at elite level where I was among the top 20 best in Sweden. I’ve also played in the B-team at volleyball where I live.

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