Meet Miss World 2011 Contestant - Ecuador - Maria Veronica VARGAS

Miss World 2011 - Ecuador - Maria Veronica VARGAS

Name : Maria Veronica VARGAS
Age : 21
Height : 175
Languages : Spanish & English


Maria is studying Journalism at University and currently works for her local radio station. Her future ambition is to publish her own book. Hobbies include: poetry, dance and playing basketball with her brothers.


Tell us a little something about your Country ?

My country, Ecuador, is known for its diversity in culture and traditions.

Future ambitions ?

I want to travel around the world and learn about all the different cultures and traditions and I want to extend all the help I can to those in need.

Describe yourself

People describe me as a very funny person and very sincere.

Personal Motto?

Life is a wonderful gift; don’t let it be something you put to waste.

Favourite food ?

There is a typical dish in my country called locro de papas. It’s like a potato soup.

Favourite Music / Books ?

My favourite book is ‘The Art of Love’ by Eric Fromm.

Do you have any pets ?

We have two schnauzer dogs called Dora and Horacio.

What is the proudest moment of your life or most memorable day?

My proudest moment was when my little brother was born. I will never forget this day.

Special Talents ?

I am able to dance the national dance of my country.

Any other interesting facts ?

I like Mario Benedetti poetry. I like to run and play basketball with my brothers and friends.

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