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Read on to enter an awesome giveaway plus our chat with The Office Stylist 
herself, Sayeh Pezeshkim CEO/Fonder of Sorting with Style.

We have a serious obsession with stationary goodies, office pretties and all of the above. This is why we adore The Office Stylist and their must-see shop, Sorting with Style. Who doesn't love a pretty office? Well, The Office Stylist is the go-to place to style your office and we love it. Of course, we also adore the CEO/Founder of both the online magazine and store. She is the perfect stylist for your office and like she says it is all about great "office style in a manila world."

{home office makeover featured on The Office Stylist}

1) What are your top decorating tips to make your office space cozy and unique?

Here are my top 3 tips:

1.    Pick a Theme: It’s really easy and you can start with something like your favorite color or think of things you love in your home like antiques. A great example is my favorite is Purple + Black

2.    Think about how you like to work: Are you a messy worker or an organized worker?  Choose functional and stylish products that fit into your theme.  For Ex. Binders, pencil cups, pens, magazine holders.

3.    Put it all together: This is the fun part! Switch out all those dull and boring supplies for new office accessories that fit into your theme.
It’s simple. It’s easy, and you can do it on a budget.

{Mirror Mirror Pencil Cup}
2) What are your favorite items that you like from Sorting with Style?

Everything! It’s both a blessing and a curse that I love absolutely everything from SortingwithStyle.com. BUT, if I had to choose a few favorites they would definitely be:

Our entire collection of Mirrored Desk AccessoriesThe mirrored desk accessories are so glam and beautiful, it really makes a difference on a desk.

- The Ceramic Memo Pad. This thing is so convenient and really is a big paper saver. I put this in my kitchen though a lot of customers have it on their desk at work.

- Fun and gorgeous Lipstick Pen. I get compliments on this pen daily. Every time I’m at a store and I whip this out, I’m always asked where I got it from!

- A favorite of mine and one of our biggest sellers right now which is the iPhone Sticky Notes Pad. Seriously, it can’t get any cooler than this!

{cupcakeMAG pick: we love these feel like Spring file folders}
3) If there was one must have that you need in an office, what would it be?

It’s tough to say because there really isn’t only ONE thing you need in an office but many.  If I had to choose one thing you should invest in/need it would definitely be a desk. You will have this piece for years and it can make or break the style of your workspace so take heed when shopping!

Now, if you don’t have a choice in your desk because you’re working for someone else, then definitely a pencil/pen holder. No matter what you do for a living you need this desk accessory. It’s something that can help you style your desktop, when you don’t have the option to haul in new furniture.

{on The Office Stylist, they tell us how to find the perfect candy bowl for your office!}
4) ​ What is up next for the Office Stylist and Sorting with Style?

We have a lot of things coming up for both the magazine and store but for right now they are super top secret. One thing I will say is to be sure to follow me on twitter at @officestylist because that’ll be the first place an upcoming announcement will be made!

5) Can we hope for a retail store one day?

Yes definitely! You can be sure it will be in an amazing location and filled with tons of fabulous office supplies and desk accessories. We’ll definitely keep everyone in the loop when that time comes.



-Pretty Office Supplies(obvious one right?)
There is nothing I love more than shopping for pretty office supplies or decorating an office space. Something about pretty office supplies just brings a smile to my face J.

Absolutely addicted! For anyone who has tried sushi and didn’t like it, I say try it again and this time with someone who is an avid sushi go-er. YUM!

I love it, plain and simple.

 I could bake all day. If there were a way to incorporate baking in an office makeover, I would probably do it. Ha!

To make it simple, I could drown in books. I read all the time and usually have a book with me in the car in case I’m early for a meeting or stuck in line somewhere. I use the Amazon.com app on my iPhone a little too much actually…

5 Dislikes

 Yuck! For some reason I just can’t stand the taste, though some argue cucumbers don’t really have a taste.

-A Messy Office
There is no reason an office

I live in LA and have yet to see a worse highway than the 405. I’m thankful I don’t have to commute but when I have errands across town, the traffic is unbearable.

-Being on an airplane
I love to experience new places and cities but can’t stand to get on a plane. I feel like I’m trapped and the fact that you can’t choose who your neighbors are makes it that much harder. Doesn’t stop me from traveling but it definitely made it on my dislike list!

I know it’s kind of random but I have never found a salad that I’ve liked; I’ve tried them all, trust me. Chinese chicken salad, Caesar, mixed greens, BBQ chicken salad etc. No offense Salad, but I would not be heartbroken if you disappeared from restaurant menus altogether.

{All things Sortying with Style}
{Office Style in a Manila World}

Read on to enter to win a $50 gift certificate to help style your office! 

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