Cream and Sugar Slave

Fluffy already ate mine!

I'll give you 3 guesses before I show you just what this is! Hint: Keep the guesses simple and you'll get it =D! I finished my college finals FINALLY and I am back to cooking. . .what I truly enjoy! I went to the store last night and the check-out girl asked me what I was taking for college. When I told her, she said "How Boring". I went home a little bummed because she is right. I am getting a Bachelor's Degree in Administration and my classes are not exactly hair-raising excitement! Just when I started asking myself why I was doing this still. . .2 1/2 years later. . .my Mom calls and sets matters straight. Yes, cooking is a total blast and all I want to think about but I am also an adult and I have to finish my journey. It is not a mistake unless I quit. Maybe it was the 22 hours of homework I put in over the weekend, which included Monday night after work, that was talking but Mom is always great for setting things straight.

In the meantime, Mom wanted a simple dessert that would look dramatic. She is a personal trainer that loves sweets! Dad swears he is going to have to put a lock around the oven so she'll stop baking because he just can't handle all the goodies she makes and "how the heck are her clients suppose to believe she is serious about what she preaches at the gym when she is talking to them about the newest and best giant cookies that she just baked earlier?" How do you not just LOVE her? I have just got to put together a fun baking basket of goodies and send it to her as a surprise. I think it would be a blast to put together!

My other bummer? I missed St. Paddy's Day because of my finals. I had my menu all ready and ran out of time. Hubby made dinner for him and Ashley. I'm making St. Paddy's Day dinner tonight. . .and I am going to be defiant and blog about it tomorrow. . .just like I never missed anything. Oh, oh, and what is worse. . .I am thumbing through a cooking magazine (Cuisine at Home) trying to find this recipe for Mexican Pork roast that is roasted in a banana leaf (because tonight I just found frozen banana leaves at a new Mexican Grocery Store when coming home from work) AND would you believe that I found an even BETTER St. Paddy's Day Dinner? Reuben Egg Roll Wraps with Thousand Island dipping sauce and an Iced Irish Coffee made with coffee, Irish whiskey, chocolate syrup and heavy cream. I can't believe! I am at a twist in the road here! I want to make that too BUT I already have REALLY ripe avocados and I have a tortilla soup planned for tomorrow night's dinner. Ingredients have already been checked twice, etc. Hhhm, make two dinners? I have been known to do this in the past. Don't ask. . .my poor hubby just shakes his head and says great leftovers for the week.

OKAY . . .HERE IT IS . . . Cream And Sugar Slave
The basic ingredients for this primordial gooey dessert are cream and sugar.
My new thing: experimenting with cream and sugar to see what new concoctions I can come up with to dollop on-top of a wonderful creation or be able to serve with fresh fruit that is currently in season. This wonderful creation, that I can not take full credit for, but actually came out of the Gooey Desserts Cookbook by Elaine Corn is cream and sugar layered with brown sugar sandwiched in-between. The best part? This brown sugar thickens into a faux caramel after sitting for 24 hours in the refrigerator! Did I mention Delicious?! The creamy texture is amazing good, light and fluffy. The faux caramel. . .perfectly sweet and swirled in among the cream and sugar.

1 c. cream
1/2 t. pure vanilla extract
1/2 c. sour cream (or creme fraiche)
About 3/4 c. dark brown sugar
Optional raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, bananas, or other fruit in season =D


In a cold bowl and using cold beaters, whip the cream and vanilla only to medium-stiff peaks. Fold in sour cream. Spoon half the cream mixture into individual dessert dishes or goblets, or into one 6-cup bowl, such as a souffle dish.

Sieve half the brown sugar over the cream. Cover with remaining cream. Sieve the rest of the sugar on top. Refrigerate. In 24 hours, brown sugar will "caramelize." At serving, top with fruit, or eat plain.

Note: This cream is delicious plain as a dessert topping instead of sweetened whipped cream. The slight tartness created by the sour cream is a balancing contrast for extremely sweet desserts.


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